Fanatastic App ideas for Phys Ed teachers!

Mr Robbo - The P.E Geek

Living Lung

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 9.36.18 PMA superb FREE app that helps teachers showcase the internal workings of the human lungs. Users can modify the breaths per minute to see how this varies the lung volume. Use it with students learning anatomy, or during practical activities to help students visualise the acute responses they are experiencing.

Whack A Bone

The gamification of learning continues to excite me and this app is no exception. “The game is designed to draw beginners into the curious and fascinating world of anatomy, guiding them toward a commanding recall of the major bones of the human body”.

BasketballPE & SoccerPE

Two excellent resource apps made by PE Teacher Nicholas Stratigopz. Each app features over 100 games and activities to help students learn concepts, skills and strategies within both respective sports. Check out the video below highlighting the many features BasketballPE app.


An incredibly diverse iPhone/iPad app that makes it…

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