How I’ve Used The App “ShowMe”


In September 2012 I tried out an interactive whiteboard app called ShowMe to enhance my students learning in our touch football unit.

Many of the students have never played organized football, and thus have difficulty understanding the many rules, positions, and the main plays associated with touch football.

To assist my students I recorded a lesson discussing the positions/rules of touch football at HGI and the main plays (eg the buttonhook, the fly, the down & in and down & out, the slant, and the handoff) using the app ShowMe.

All of the positions, rules, and plays were taught and put into practice in our Phys Ed classes but the ShowMe videos were always available to students that needed to see or hear the information again via our HGI Phys Ed Weebly.

This proved to be beneficial as a number of students have watched these lessons, including The Slant which has been viewed over 140 times.  This contributed to an increased level of understanding by my students which in turn led to an increased level of play in our touch football games. With this increased level of play came increased skills and knowledge of touch football.

One of the best attributes of the ShowMe app is its ability to share created lessons with educators around the world.

There are countless science, math, ELA, and Social Studies lessons that have been uploaded by educators…but very few Phys Ed lessons.

I have posted my touch football lessons as public (here) , essentially making them available for all physical educators to use. I hope that you’ll add to this by also posting your created ShowMe lessons as public.

As @pegeeks says, “Together we are stronger.”

If you are currently using ShowMe please let me know! I’d love to follow you and see how you are using the app to enhance the learning of your students.

If you’d like to follow me on ShowMe I’m MrBridge204.

I hope you’ll connect with me through twitter at @MrBridge204.

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