#PEgeeks Blog Library ‘Taster’ menu

An excellent collection of ideas to help you use technology to enhance the learning of your phys ed students!


The #pegeeks blog library was created in an effort to promote;

  • best practice in #physed

  • great PE thinkers

  • the benefits of teachers blogging to reflect and share.


The Library is slowly growing, with a plethora of amazing posts from some bloggin’ fantastic #pegeeks. As part of the google form, PE bloggers were asked to list a ‘taster’ post from their site. You can add yours using the google form here

Below is the resulting posts. Get comfortable and have a browse!


1. Here I (@mrkampen) write about how you can create #sportfolios using the free application, evernote.



2. @Mrbridge204 writes about how he used the interactive whiteboard app for ipad ‘showme’ in his class.



3. @Graciouswolf_PE  has created 56 Student centred activities and games



4. @andyvassily offers some us  6 pieces of teaching advice from beating a lack of motivation to making…

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