PE Institute’s Live Web-Streaming Video Update!

PE Institute’s Live Web-Streaming! This is a fantastic opportunity for all Phys Ed teachers!

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PE Institute’s Live Web-Streaming Video Update! Here’s how it will work:

(1) Each day during the Institute, we will live web-stream the Keynote Sessions on the North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness’ website page. The url page is:
(2) For a complete listing of the Keynotes and times, please visit:
(3) For example, Jean Blaydes Moize is our first keynoter from 8:45 – 9:45 AM Eastern on Monday, July 28th.
“Physical Education Improves Academic Performance: Yes! We Have Data on That!” – Neuroscientists continue to advocate the importance of movement and physical activity for optimal learning. This interactive presentation will summarize recent brain research that links movement to learning, the importance of physical education, and how to use this research to advocate, validate, educate and motivate!
(4) For those of you unable to catch this free web-streaming, we’ll archive the 7 Keynotes on the National PE Institute…

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