The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports

So important that parents, coaches, and athletes understand the pitfalls that come w/ early sports specialization. #parenting #coaching

2 thoughts on “The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports

  1. Informative and eye opening….fully agree….as a youngster was involved in multi sports from 9-18 yes old….at 18 signed my first professional soccer contract and my past success was not built on one sport like it seems today….I have been coaching soccer for 10 years now and there is a misalignment in our thinking and quite truthfully we are going backwards in our player development… As a father first and foremost I encourage my kids to be well rounded and follow their passions… Yes a big believer in sports, teammates and hopefully end of day we teach them some general life skills beyond the pick one sport approach et al….shame really that profits come before the altletes and false sense of security for the very few to continue to a collegiate or pro level…..

  2. I am interested in understanding more about “pitfalls” of early specialization. My son is 8 and has played soccer since he was 4 and just finished his first competative season. I myself am the Coach, but I am also someone that grew up playing multiple sports and played four in HS and two in college. I’ve encouraged my son to play other sports but he onlys wants to play soccer. We shoot hoops at home, we play street hockey, we take BP and throw bull pens, but at the end of it all he hs the ball at his feet and it goes everywhere with him. If he quit tomorrow and took up ballet Inwould be suportive, so maybe the key is to allow for their passions to manifest themselves. I do worry about burnout, so I have to make sure it stays fun and challenging for all my players. I always tell parents I want to make good soccer players, but My desire is to make great sons, brothers, students, husbands and dads. At the end of the day the people we are forming is more important that the athlete.

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